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Want to know more about Gainers Creek?  You've come to the right place.  I'm Heidi, the owner and artist here at Gainers Creek.  I've been painting and selling my wares since 1999.  Started out doing lots of local craft shows with my Mom,  I've had a showroom here on our property, to opening the web site in 2004.   We've now expanded our web sales and sell on this Site and  

We had a big year in 2015.  My parents relocated to Appleton mid summer, we built them a work shop at our place, My Dad's mother, My Grandma Katie, passed away mid October.  It's just been a year that got away from us.....  We're all still getting settled and summer/fall just flew by for us.   

We have decided to take this year off from our annual sale in November.   So get ready for 2016, we may change the time of our annual event too....earlier in Fall to not complicate the Christmas shipping rush that happens on line.

Stay tuned....if you want to stay in touch, please do so.  We miss seeing you all and think of you often. Hope all has been well and Heidi, Lynn and Tom would like to wish you all the best this season and God Bless you all!
Check out Facebook this November and December. I'm going to be adding one of a kind, large winter primitives for local pick up.

Of course, if you want to say HI, go right ahead.  Drop me an email, call, we always love to hear from you.  

Here is how to contact us.   Please call (920) 525-2224 or email, ask for Heidi.   Or join me on facebook.

We do offer a 12 page booklet now of our products. Contact us with your address to receive a complimentary copy.