Primitive Personalized Poppy Flower Hand Painted Wooden Sign

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Hand Painted and Customizable
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Primitive hand painted poppy personalized wooden sign plaque. I had a great customer, Nancy, ask me to make her a few items with Poppies on them. I loved how they turned out. This wooden sign plaque is the same size as my other designs. It's 12"x10". You can choose how you want yours personalized or not and how you'd like it hung. They are sealed for light outdoor use and of course interior. 1" thick pine board. Hand painted, designed and signed by Heidi. Personalized examples include: First names only, like shown Last name only: ie: The Smiths Last Name with individuals listed below: The Smiths Drew * Carol * Melissa * Doug Or just a greeting that you like, example, Summer Thyme, Field of Poppies, Simplify... Any questions, just ask.

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