Primitive Pumpkin and Stars Set of 3 Rectangle Stacking Boxes with Saying Choices

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Hand Painted and Antiqued
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Primitive Pumpkins and Stars Set of 3 Rectangle Stacking Boxes.   Love this new design!  Stacked they are 8" tall.  The bottom box is 7" x 5", middle 6" x 4" and top 5"x 3".   The bottom box is black with 2 primitive pumpkins, dark orange and terra cotta.   The middle box is Khaki tan with a handwritten saying of Harvest.  You can choose one from the list.  The top box is English Mustard with 3 black stars.  All lids on this set are a dark orange color.    Fun set for your primitive fall home decor.   Hand painted, designed and signed by Heidi.  

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