Primitive Saltbox and Sheep Hand Painted Hanging Vintage Book

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Primitive Saltbox and Sheep Hand Painted Hanging Vintage Book.  Once featured in the Country Sampler Magazine. I love to hand painted on old vintage hard covered books. It is a great way to totally reinvent something!!!   This design is perfectly prim.  A saltbox house, willow tree and a sheep!    There are some options with this design, you customize yours!!!  The example shows the saltbox house painted in cream. I can also do it in Burgundy.   Also you'll have the choice to pick a saying or not.  The example shows the book without a saying.  If you choose to do a saying, it's written in the grassy area under the house.   The book also has a painted frame border, this one is in black.  You can also choose Burgundy if you wish.   Sizes of book vary, as I repurpose old books., average sizes are 8"x5". Hand painted, designed and signed by Heidi.

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